Software WolfoRan LogEditor

  • Eval DPS

    Eval DPS is a tool intended for event organizers, civil security associations or decision-making authorities for the implementation of a provisional rescue system for people. (France only)

    Version 1.0

  • Pass Protect

    Application management and backup passwords, user accounts and other login data, stock Pass Protect and secure your data. Simple and intuitive it allows you to store only one password to easily find all the others.

    Version 1.20

  • Multicore CPU Graph

    Only for processor: 1, 2, 4 or 8 logical cores. Initially designed for programmers to test their applications by observing the behavior of the processor and memory, this software can be used for everyone to monitor its CPU.

    Version 1.36

  • WolfoRan Shredder 3.20

    WolfoRan Shredder is a destructive files of all types. The data files are subjected to treatment it is overwritten by multiple rewrites specific strings of caracters and random numbers to the same location of the original file. Each byte is rewritten.

    Version 3.20

  • WolfoRan Data Rescue

    Smart Backup your files. Our backup solution is decidedly simple to use, powerful and fully automated for those who wish. Backup your files keeping the directory structure where they are for a simplified and faster recovery.

    - Not available -

  • Memo Booster XP

    Optimization and cleaning of the RAM under Windows XP sp2 and sp3. MémoBooster has several indicators to let you know your permanence in memory consumption. The total capacity of your RAM, its current load and available capacity.