WolfoRan Data BackUp v3.02

Smart backup of your files. Our backup solution is resolutely simple to use, powerful and fully automated for those who do not want to worry about the sustainability of their files. WolfoRan Data Backup backs up your files keeping the directory structure where they are located for quick and easy recovery. We strongly recommend the use of an external hard drive.

Significant advantage, it is perfectly possible to use the saved files directly as you would with the original files. A dual explorer specific to WolfoRan Data Backup allows you to replace files by simply dragging and dropping from one directory to another, thus making it possible to recover just the file previously saved without restoring an entire directory.

Profils Manager

At the first start it is necessary to create at least one profile. The profiles manager "Profiles Manager" should open if none is found in the specific folder.

You can create as many as you want and so launch backups on multiple media and create multiple copies of your most sensitive or precious files.


This will take the longest time when you back up a directory or personal folder for the first time, since all of the files will be copied. Subsequent backups will be very fast because only the modified files or the new files will be processed.

Use of Resources

The system resources used by the program are very low and your work during backups will not be slowed down.

Example with a PC running Intel (R) Core (TM) I7-4790 CPU @ 3.60 GHz and 16 GB of RAM for the initial backup of 20 GB of music files, time equal to 20 minutes or 1 GB / minute for copying to an external disk (image)

 General functions

Manager profiles
When a profile is loaded, to find it the next time you launch the program, you must check the option "Keep the current configuration (recommended) in the options of the" Settings "menu. Recommended if you only use one profile, otherwise you can choose it in Profiles Manager at each start.

Specific personal folders and files
Selection of specific personal folders allowing you to save only your favorite files and which you use regularly without having to save all the contents of your PC, gain in speed. A section System folders grouping the main Windows directories that you can back up regularly.

Protected Mode
prevents any action on the window during the backup processes in order to avoid possible errors or mishandling. This mode is automatically activated during backups and restores. Only the functions specific to the current backup are active.

Backup process management
When you save manually, you can interrupt the backup process (pause), resume or stop at any time in order to have the resources of the PC for any other urgent action. You can also calculate the space available on the destination medium before saving, either in fast mode or in advanced mode with the integrated application. This tool allows you to calculate the space required very precisely for backup. Even if the remaining space is smaller than the total size of the backup to be made, you can still start the process if only one part of the files is to be copied.

Automatic backups
The backups are programmable and are done automatically according to the desired periods, daily or weekly. A blue icon is permanent in the notification area as long as the program is launched and changes during activity, green icon. Auto save periods are not preserved in profiles.

7-zip integration
The referenced utility for compressed archives is used to decompress and manage archives in zip format. Install it at the same time as our software to benefit from all its functionalities in all transparency and simplicity.

Additional tools

The backup explorer A double explorer which makes it possible to navigate in the general directory of the backup of the profile in progress and another directory at the same time. You then have the possibility of acting on files and folders by the toolbar or a contextual menu obtained by right-clicking on an element.

Profiles Manager, the Profile Manager allows you to create several backup profiles on different media and thus control the conservation of your favorite files

The Capacity Tester which calculates the space available on the destination medium before starting a backup, either in fast mode or in advanced mode with the capacity tester. This tool allows you to calculate the precise space required for backup. Even if the space remaining on your media is smaller than the total size of the backup, you can still start the process if the capacity tester tells you that it is possible.

7-zip, the compressed archive manager, allows you to work on your backups more easily.

Disk and Partition Manager which allows you to create partitions (dividing a hard disk into several parts) in order to locate your files as you wish.

Disk cleaner, which eliminates unnecessary files and thus recovers disk space.

Task manager that informs you about current processes and system performance in addition to being able to manage what is running on your PC.

File Description

File size : 11,2 MB
Type: Automatic installer / uninstaller
Date: 2020/05/30
Language: French
Version: 3.02

The 2 versions (x64) and (x86) are available in the same installation file

System requirements

- Windows :  7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 
- 32 or 64 bit
- Minimum screen resolution : 1024 x 768
- 512 MB minimum RAM recommanded.


The software offered for download on this site is free from viruses and spyware. They do not install "hidden" programs or files. They are intended to be simple to use and accessible to the greatest number, beginners or experts.

Download WolfoRan DataBackUp (x86) & (x64)

 Download 7-zip

To benefit from all the functionalities of WolfoRan DataBackUp (compatible with the 2 versions of 7z)

download and install the latest stable version of the compression software    7-zip1900 (x86)  ou   7-zip1900 (x64)

Site français de 7z : https://www.7-zip.fr/  

or Download site : https://www.7-zip.org/download.html