Privacy policy

Information gathered or exchanged between the user and remain confidential and will never be forwarded to a third person or entity. Spam is not part of our policy and you will never receive promotional messages from us without having requested in advance.

We are extremely attentive to feedback from our users. If you encounter any difficulties when using one of our programs, we will appreciate us know by using this address: Support. We will try to remedy the problem in the shortest time.


While we strive to correct us as soon as possible any errors or omissions that is brought to our attention, we can not guarantee that our software will always be available and fully operational, or that the information provided on or through WOLFORAN will be fully free of errors or omissions.

You must ensure your own protection for loss of data. Because new installation or a modified installation of the software can create risk of loss of data, you must ensure that the data are secured by all possible means.

The customer is solely responsible for his use of WOLFORAN software, and can not stand responsible WOLFORAN or his legal representative for any claims and / or proceedings made against him.

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