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Discover and download high quality photos, graphic art images, icons, drawings ... The section will gradually fill up to provide you with the most eclectic choice possible. For free!  (The images are compressed in a zip file) 

8 series available now on My Photos 

 Pass Protect  v1.20

Application management and backup passwords, user accounts and other login data, Pass Protect stores and secures your data. Simple and intuitive it allows you to store only one password to easily find all the others. Non-intrusive, portable, it can be installed on a USB key or an external drive to follow you wherever you need them.  Learn more

 WolfoRan Data BackUp v3.02 

Smart backup of your files. Our backup solution is resolutely simple to use, powerful and fully automated for those who wish. Back up your files keeping the directory structure where they are located for quick and easy recovery, and more.     Learn more

 WolfoRan Rename V1.41 (Update on 04/01/2020)

WolfoRan Rename is a software application for mass file renaming. This utility is primarily intended for renaming photos or images in quantity which, very often, come out of devices with names like DSCF0001.JPG, which is not very easy to navigate when there are several hundreds, even thousands.

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100,000 !

Over 100,000 photos downloaded since January 1, 2020 all categories combined. Thank you for your interest, which continues unabated. Best regards, JM Jacobus & WolfoRan LogEditor

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