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FIN DE L'entreprise individuelle / END NOW PERSONAL

WolfoRan LogEditor as a corporation ceased on 31 December 2015, our products are no longer for sale. However, we will continue to offer you the free of charge, for free download. The updates will be made for you to keep functional software.

Charte de qualité / QUALITY CHART

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When we offer a free, it really is free and you do not find in the obligation to pay anything to continue to use it as long as you like. In the same vein, we shall have to offer you our Beta versions of software being developed for you to test and we do return your findings as appropriate. These versions will be available free to the extent not terminated and therefore require further testing before finalization.

The software available for download on this site are free of viruses and spyware. They do not install cookies, they do not install programs or files "hidden". They want easy to use and accessible to the greatest number, beginner or expert

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