2022 - New Photos Online

Let's start the year with some new photos to download. 8 in the Nature category, 2 in Sunsets and 1 in Landscapes & sites. Others will soon be added to these. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

2020 - New Photos Of The Sun ...

5 new photos of our star of light, one evening on the sea, June 1st. Always so generous with this magnificence that moves us. To find in the section "Sunsets".

2020 - WolfoRan DataBackUp v.3.02 (Update)

New: Creation of a version for 64-bit platforms (Both versions available in the same installer)
2 buttons in the "Destination media" window allowing to explore its content either with the integrated explorer or with Windows explorer.
The occupancy level of the destination medium, which was represented by a uniform blue color, now goes from yellow (lowest level) to red (highest level) with the indication of the more precise percentage, two digits after. the comma.
Adding a 3D effect to process progress bars
Purification of the code
Minor bug fixes

2020 - WolfoRan DataBackUp v3

The latest version of our backup software, WolfoRan DataBackUp v3.0, is online. This is a major update to a previous version, including several additional tools and the integration of functionalities for the use of 7-zip, the utility for managing compressed archives of Igor Pavlov.

2020 -WolfoRan Rename V1.41

Mass file renaming update. v1.41
This version brings corrections to the display and code.

2020 - WolfoRan Rename v1.40

New software ! WolfoRan Rename is a software application for mass file renaming. This utility is primarily intended for renaming photos or images in quantity which, very often, come out of devices with names like DSCF0001.JPG, which is not very easy to navigate when there are several hundreds, even thousands. 

2020 - 12 new photos !

Addition of 5 photos in the series "Animal attitude"
Addition of 4 photos in the series "Landscapes & sites"
Addition of 3 photos in the series "Sunsets"

2020 - Adding 6 photos

4 Photos in the series "Landscapes & sites"
2 Photos in the series "My Art"

2020 - Creating A New Set Of Photos

A new series of photos has been launched, "Animal attitude" where you will find images of our dear friends, in their own attitudes or wears. Animals of all countries, wild or familiar. The first publication is made up of a dozen photos.

2020 - Adding series "Nature"

Addition of 6 new photos in the "Nature" series

2020 - Eval-DPS v-1.10

Version 1.10 released

  • Added: Screenshots of the current evaluation grid saved in jpeg format in the "My Image Evaluations" directory
  • Added: A tab to explore the "My Image Evaluations" directory for access to screenshots taken
  • Modified: The explorers of the "My Evaluations" and "My Evaluations Images" directories are displayed in detailed list mode by default

2020 - Adding series "Marines"

A new series of photos which begins, "Marines" where you will find images of the sea, its atmospheres, these sometimes hypnotic places and of absolute beauty.

2020 - Adding photos to   "My Art" 

Addition of 4 new photos to the "My Art" series

2020 - Adding photos to "Textures"

Addition of 11 new photos to the "Textures" series

2020 -Adding photos

2020 - Eval-DPS v-1.0

New software available, an application allowing to determine the provisional rescue device to set up during an event organized on the public highway, fireworks, fair, flea market, sporting event, ... Based on the national reference for civil security missions, it can be useful for organizers such as civil security associations or decision-making police authorities - France only - Eval-DPS

2020 - Pass protect v-1.20

New version of the password protector, v 1.20

Added: Identifiers and passwords hidden in the table, possibility to display them through the options menu. (Hidden by default)
Added: Show or hide usernames and passwords in the account display area. (Hidden by default)
Added: Recovery of a backup in a directory of the user's choice.
Added: Printing of simple data, creation of a line by line listing of account data.
Added: two colors in the table for displaying data.
Changed: The backup status displayed "- The" followed by the date and time of the backup. Only the date and time are now displayed.
Modified: Code update

2019 - My Photos

Creation of a download area for photos and images. The categories and their content will increase over time. Download and use are free for personal use. For any other use, contact us.

My Photos