Eval DPS v 1.10

Eval DPS is a tool intended for event organizers, civil security associations or decision-making authorities for the implementation of a provisional rescue system for people.

This very easy-to-use application calculates the RIS (Ratio of Emergency Responders) necessary during a public event, using the evaluation grid explained in the national reference for civil security missions. Just select the elements to be taken into account and enter the estimated number of expected public to immediately obtain the RIS and know the type of DPS to be implemented.

 Main duties

  • RIS assessment
  • Automatic determination of the DPS according to the RIS obtained
  • Saving of the evaluations carried out which can be consulted at any time
  • Creation of jpeg images of the evaluations by screenshot of the current grid
  • Save screenshots in a directory where they can be accessed for future reference
  • Quick access to the simplified declaration forms, less than 5000 or more than 5000 people, in PDF format which can be filled in directly.
  • Access to an evaluation grid which can be completed and signed via the PDF tool
  • Quick access to the national repository of public security missions
  • Access to the flowchart of the declaration procedure

 File Description

File : Install_Eval-DPS_110.exe
Size : 5.83 MB
Type : Automatic installer and uninstaller
Mobilité : Portable on USB stick or external disk
Date :02/29/2020
Language : French
Version :

 System Required

Windows Xp sp2 ou sp3, 32 ou 64 bit (WOW 64)
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10  
32 ou 64 bit (WOW 64)
Résolution d'écran mini : 1024 x 768 minimum
512 Mo minimum de mémoire vive recommandé.


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