WolfoRan Rename v 1.41

Version 1.41, April 1, 2020 update

Bulk file renaming software application. This utility is primarily intended for renaming photos or images in quantity which, very often, come out of devices with names like DSCF0001.JPG, which is not very easy to navigate when there are several hundreds, even thousands.

But you can also rename any kind of file, either by renaming them completely, or by modifying only part of the name, and this in a single operation for a large quantity of files.

 Main duties

  1. Rename files of all types in large quantities, very quickly. On each file you can :
  2. Change only part of the name
  3. Delete only part of the original name
  4. Rename and renumber completely by choosing the increment
  5. Add characters, at the beginning or at the end, keeping the original name, and numbering if you wish

 File Description

File : Install_WolfoRan-Rename.exe
Size : 2.79 Mo
Type : Automatic install and uninstall
Mobilité : Portable on USB key or an external drive
Date :01/04/2020
Language : French
Version :

 System Required

- Windows Xp sp2 ou sp3, 32 ou 64 bit (WOW 64)
- Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 

- 32 ou 64 bit (WOW 64)
- Minimum screen resolution : 1024 x 768
- 512 MB RAM minimum recommended.


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