Memo Booster XP

Optimization and cleaning of the RAM under Windows XP sp2 and sp3 only - not compatible with later versions - MémoBooster has several indicators to let you know your permanence in memory consumption. The total capacity of your RAM, its current load and available capacity.

You also have a function of real-time monitoring that can be activated or not as you choose. Easily customizable, you choose the level of charge that your memory has to reach for MémoBooster alert you to the need to launch an optimization. By default the critical level was 80% of the memory, but it is for you to decide what percentage based on your own criteria.

Latest version :   (will no longer be updated)

How it works

During the optimization process you can observe the principle of operation which forces Windows to use virtual memory to keep useful data from RAM during cleaning and re-allocate to it.

When the real-time monitoring is disabled, three levels of warning messages are set to launch MémoBooster.

1°/ RAM under 50% : Defragmentation is not necessary.
2°/ RAM comprise entre 51 and 75% : Defragment if you plan to use heavy programs or games.
3°/ RAM greater than 75% : It is recommended to defragment to optimize performance.

Real-time mode

When you have activated the mode of real time monitoring, MémoBooster positions itself in the taskbar as an icon and watch in the background. To know the level of memory usage quickly, simply position the mouse cursor over the icon to display a tooltip.

Once the critical threshold you have selected is reached, MémoBooster now opens his window to the foreground. sound accompanies this opening. You then have the option to defrag the RAM immediately or not.

When the alarm is triggered, the live monitoring mode is automatically turned off, so as not to generate a plethora of false alarms as the RAM is at critical level. Once the optimization done to continue the real-time monitoring can simply check the box again before clicking the close box.

The icon in the taskbar is only active in real-time mode


Fichier : Install_MemoBooster.exe
Taille : 2.3 Mo
Type : Automatic install and uninstallautomatique
Date : 01/03/2007
Langage : French
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OS : Windows Xp sp2 et sp3 - 32 bits


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